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Tim Marlowe “Executive Producer of the Academy Award winning Lady in Number 6,”

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GeoNovus Media Corp.[CSE: GNM] is a publicly traded entertainment company with a focus on motion picture production, acquisition and distribution.  GNM is active in developing tax credit and film industry programs with foreign countries. The Company has offices in Studio City, California and Vancouver BC.

GNM’s competitive advantage is in it’s relationships with major studios. Of the top grossing, blockbuster hits in Hollywood, the majority are visual effects based films. GNM can produce Hollywood quality visual effects films a at a fraction of the cost but with all the potential upside.

Consumers are binge-watching shows on multiple devices and the demand for quality content is skyrocketing. Major studios can’t keep up with demand and Independent film makers are struggling to get financed, execute, finish and distribute their films. GNM is working with foreign governments to create tax incentives and infrastructure to bring internal film projects as well as broker outside films for fees and backend percentages.

GNM’s blueprint for growth combines the flexibility and spirit of an independent production company with the structure and marketing provided by solid relationships already in place with major film studios.



Consumers, Studios, Networks and Distributors are All Hungry for Content

Leverage in the entertainment business comes from who you know. GeoNovus has an unfair advantage through is it’s strategic relationships.

  • Small Canadian company with Hollywood office and connections
  • Strong team with industry award-winning experience and relationships
  • The Company is well positioned to grow its library of valuable content
  • Lean operations with focus on content creation and joint ventures


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Music and Publishing

GNM is building a community of passionate creative talent because we want to enable artists to do what they love while providing filmmakers an inspiring selection of music to license for projects. Licensing relevant music should be accessible, easy and enjoyable!

We Listen

GNM is following a proven methodology that researches the most profitable ways to produce films that people want to see. We plan to let the market tell us what to produce. This allows GNM to predict the profitability of every production.

We Tell Stories

We tell stories through film and music. The creative team at GNM are master storytellers and are always on the look out for good scripts and songs. Get connected to learn how to work with us.

We Broadcast

GNM is also planning to create internet-only short films that can attract tribes of loyal followers. When connected with selected advertisers, this could generate leads and to help build long standing, profitable relationships.

We Inspire

GeoNovus Media wants to inspire a new generation of songwriters, storytellers and film makers to create content that touches the hearts and emotions of a worldwide audience. We are Canadians with ties to Hollywood who plan to bring jobs and and productions to Canada and support the Canadian Film Industry.

Film Catalogs

GeoNovus Media plans to produce and acquire motion pictures to build a library of profitable feature films.

Contact Us

Geonovus Media has offices both in LA and Vancouver BC, Canada. Our corporate office is located in downtown Vancouver on West Pender St. Visits to the Universal City production offices are by appointment only.

Call 1-604-683-3995 to arrange an appointment.


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Canadian Address: Suite 1220 – 789 West Pender Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, V6C 1H2

US Address: 100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, CA 91608, USA

Email: info(@)

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